In This Garden

In this school they do not teach children. In these sad rooms
is only an education from a time of ideological madness,
a twisted algebra to produce of new way of living

Labyrinth of Dreams

Foggy afternoon of silent birds and still bridges
Walking blurred streets, crossing atmospheres
From pain to regret to flashing traffic to families
Caught between going home and leaving

79 to Corona

with winter fast approaching with no sign
of school reopening, I learnt the vocabulary
of hate and placed my preadolescent signature
on a certificate that declared my neighbour

and friend, Abhijit, his family, had become
our enemy

Madness and Meaning

Originally posted on Poetic Logik:
The sun rises in the west, lighting wet skies, moons and planets tumble into existence, a song is heard in spaces between the stars, we join in a chorus we do not understand and some of us weep, some flee. The face of a captain appears behind bright and shadowy…