Labyrinth of Dreams

Like unapologetic monsoon of summer fury
Torrent of sentences meant to be spoken
From wordless years of crouching fears
Lash the beleaguered face of a tormenter who
Once battered a young body and timorous soul
With sexual tyranny and spiritual duplicity

Foggy afternoon of silent birds and still bridges
Walking blurred streets, crossing atmospheres
From pain to regret to flashing traffic to families
Caught between going home and leaving
Between a desire to make everything right
And a panic to conceal everything wrong

Fields of slowcoach snails and soccer dreams
Alien ships hovering over decrepit tenements
Bloodied grass on which I slay my enemies
The abyss I fell into was a welcoming ocean
Where night cannot fathom the darkness
But the hands that rescued me had wounds

Walking school corridors, entering rooms
Of grim blackboards and emerald uniforms
I cannot decide whether I am a man or a child
But in the playground beneath a cotton sky
Blindfolded dolphins contend in a wild race
And my flawless feet dribble the leather ball well

Machines floating on the sea of a midday sky
Procession of insurgents hoping to negotiate
The unusual melody of songs never heard and then
I entered houses from which I emerged sorrowful
Delirium follows questions follow baffling sunlight
Follows the fear of death and the fear of disclosure

Like a cloud ready to quench thirsty earth beneath
The tangible atmosphere of the Spirit is here
From weeping to laughter to brokenness to peace
To derelict lives lying prostrate to rise remade
I return the keys of judgment that I had once stolen
And stand together with the one I abhor, forgiving
And forgiven


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