When You Came

Planets flee, the earth vanishes
And I am crumpled paper
Splattered ink

Wild donkeys leap
Mountain goats laugh
And we give birth to words
Moans, tears

The tumult of armies abandoned
To the ceremonies of death fade
Vultures swoop upon bodies
Slumbering amidst smoke and sighs
And I return to weep among lilies
To worship among the ruins

We lie prostrate, knowing our crimes
Have found us out at last, our hair shorn,
Our clothes torn

We rise laughing and trembling
Startled by an unforeseen embrace
Baffled by tears and streaming blood
My world has ended, yours has begun

Midday dreams, new languages
A surgical love nurses my heart back
To where home should be
My world devastated by hope
Dying and living at once

Photo courtesy: http://foter.com/photo/premade-background-67/


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