A few lines from Robin Ngangom’s poem


I’m a brown dervish leaf on a forgotten cobweb.
All voyages will be inward from now.
A late train pulls away from a station and
No hand waves in expectation.
When it arrives with an accusation of yellow leaves
It’s time to lament wordless days
Of resentment without her.

My friend Robin’s one of the most prolific and accomplished poets from Northeast India. He lives and work in Shillong where he teaches English at the North Eastern Hill University. His poems have been published in journals, magazines, anthologies and reputed newspapers in India and abroad. He has also brought out poetry collections including the painfully unforgettable The Desire of Roots (2006). He, along with Desmond Kharmawphlang and others, was one of the people who encouraged and mentored me as a young, inexperienced and budding poet many years ago. I am posting an excerpt from this poem of his here without really asking him first and I believe he will not mind. Google him and you will discover a rich treasure of cutting edge poetry.


Image courtesy: http://samanvayindianlanguagesfestival.org/2012/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/robins-photo.jpg


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