My Friend’s Ananya S Guha’s Poem

This is a poem by my friend Ananya S Guha. He’s a dedicated educator, mind-blowing teacher, sensitive writer, prolific poet and fellow pilgrim in a road less traveled. He has always been a great encourager, someone who believes in people, no matter how insignificant they may seem. His poems have been published far and wide, in India and in a number of other countries. He has brought out a few poetry anthologies including A Hill Station published by Minerva Press India in 2004. I am proud to call him my friend.


Opening our arms
we touched the hills
touched the waters
touched the skies

Everywhere our women dance
our children laugh
our terrorists kill
the devil’s bullet rips the sky apart
this astonishing fury lies suspended
on the crest of a hill; pierces even
the crescent of the beautiful moon

And then
our children weep
our women fight with fistfuls of tears

In this my land
our country
there will be no songs, no dances
the living die every day
the dead are resurrected
from smouldering fires
for a handful of tears;

Opening our arms, let us
touch the hills
touch the rain
touch the skies
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