One sleepless night…. this poem came….

Poetic Logik

This is a poem I wrote three years ago and is also the title of the e-book Tim Wallis and I published last year. The e-book has penetrating photography that Tim had taken of real life in an Indian city as well as a few of my poems that reflect my emotional and intellectual struggle with the reality of human suffering in our country. Check this poem out and let me know what you think about it. If you are interested in purchasing the e-book, you can go to this website: .

I’m having an awful conversation with myself,
sentences clattering and images melting,
cacophony of memories, of chores left unfinished
and words meant to be spoken across tables
of papers and files, on bed where love is made, in rooms
where those you love chatter about politics and reality shows
and how the kids have grown. Outside…

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