This song, written from a region deep in the soul, a place that suffered an intrusion that unexpectedly altered its spiritual landscape inside, forever, for good.

Years and years of pain
Was driving me insane
Imprisoned in a cage
Had wanted liberty
From slavery
But I’d thought it was my destiny

Who would break the chains?
Who would take the shame?
Who would bring the rain?
I didn’t understand
The purpose and plan
Or how it all began, but


Suddenly, You came
And you set my heart free
Suddenly, the ashes
They turn to beauty
Suddenly, I sing
Suddenly, I bring my worship to You

The writing on the wall
Had predicted my fall
But it didn’t know I’d hear Your call
Shadows from the past
Begin to fade at last
As the load to You I cast

From out of the blue
Came the face of You
I almost didn’t believe it’s true
My bitter heart is healed
My captive soul released
The water that I drink is sweet



I’m drinking from the well (x 2)
I’m drinking from the well my friend


Photo by Oneida


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