Here from Brokenness

This is a song that was birthed out of brokenness. The poetry is perhaps ordinary. But I hope you are able to capture its emotion. Perhaps I will share a recored version with you later. For now, I hope you enjoy going through this expression of vulnerable worship to the One who continues to rescue me.


I worship, I worship King of kings
I worship, I worship Lord of Lords
I bow down, my face upon the ground
I’m broken, come heal my life again

You don’t want my pretense
My religion don’t make sense
All you want is my heart
Through your mercy brand new start

I’m the prodigal once more
Walk again out of the door
But your mercy beckons me
Home’s where I’m truly free

There is no other way
If I love I must obey
Write your words upon my heart
And from you I won’t depart

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3 thoughts on “Here from Brokenness

  1. I really like your song Here From Brokenness. Would love to hear the melody. It’s amazing how music sends the words directly to the heart to bounce around in there. For fun I think you should turn this into a rap.

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    • Thank you Emily. Ha ha I should try a rap version as well! But I can send you a rough version by phone. If u have whatsapp or download it if you don’t, it would be an easy way to communicate and send files.


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