quarantine prayer

for them counting breaths
in strange seclusion, in
complex friendship
with oxygenating machines

for family denied intimacy
in loss, the final goodbye
through digital noise

for the walking tragedies
of national infrastructure
they built, dragging,
collapsing, dying
to get home, dying
on the way home

to them who will share
graves in the overcrowded
cemeteries of Manaus

to them drawing tears
on the map from Bogotá
to Venezuela

while my coffee brews

for them lamenting
an unforeseen stigma
and loss while we
legalise our opinions
on the courthouse
of social space

to them exposed
for their frontline love

to paradoxical leaders
caught in flawed imagination
between saving power
and saving lives

and not forgetting

the forever quarantined
prisoners of North Korean

detainees of re-education
in northwest China

kidnapped girls auctioned
in the grotesque markets
of pleasure

my unequal nation
I love and loathe between
habitual bouts of
middleclass apathy

Photo credit: Ümit Bulut (https://unsplash.com/photos/qbTC7ZwJB64)

13 thoughts on “quarantine prayer

  1. I prayed your quarantine prayer today. Not knowing why you spoke of the cemeteries of Manaus, I looked it up. My reaction: Striking brokenness of a broken system reveals self-aggrandizement of those in places of power who care not enough for those in places of ravaged wreckage I hear echos of “Let them eat cake” I pray feebly But my puny prayers reach the One who cares from His eternal throne He knows the suffering first hand in actuality

    Heaven and hell right here on earth I thought they were for the afterlife Why do those who are kind suffer at the hands of the ruthless and those who could, but don’t act? here we are miffed by masks there they are digging mass graves for the dead

    The One who sits on His eternal throne cares rightly, leads lovingly, and is ready to reach out to all who reach up.

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